rice cooker sale

A heads up to U.S. readers: Amazon is having a 30% off sale on selected rice cookers right now. They have models from the mid-$20s on up to the $200 to $300 range. The one featured on the top left of the page linked to, the white Zojirushi Neuro-Fuzzy rice cooker, is a newer version of the one I have! A rice cooker is a really great thing to have if you are serious about bento making (see Essential equipment for making bento lunches).

It’s really great to see so many rice cookers are available now in the U.S. - and I’m sure that page doesn’t even start to list all the models available. Now we need to see a similar rice cooker boom in Europe… don’t you agree, my fellow Euro-habitants?

(Update: This next week I may be even slower than the last in answering emails and comments…as the first Big Deadline approaches. Please bare, I mean bear, with me! ^_^;)

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Re: rice cooker sale

Nice finding.... makes me wonder how does the 25 US$ performs thought ><

I for one don't mind at all re-heating rice in the microwave, it's not pasta or anything so the end results are almost as good as the original stuff, but even then, it just seems so cheap it will be made of "papier-maché" and require 15 hours of pre-heating to prep. 2 cups or something ^^

OOO well, for 25 bucks I guess I can just buy it in hopes it won't be too bad! ;p

Re: rice cooker sale

I originally bought two of the less expensive cookers, one small one very large, over the years. Those were pretty much it at that time. Both would form a baked crust on the bottom and sides of their coated pans with , but the makers and many users would tell you that is a desirable thing. However both of those cookers did a really bad job with some short-grained and all sticky varieties of rice. Therefore I was only happy when I got a Zojirushi fuzzy logic model, at which time I also learned what I rather suspected, which is that a crusty rice wafer is not necessarily desirable every time you cook the stuff (OK, I do know some rice eating cultures really like them and work hard to get them). Anyway, I will always want an advanced, which is to say, somewhat more expensive, model in the future. I'm told the fuzzy logic units will not steam things in the way the on/off ones will- that is not a consideration with me altho I do keep the smaller on/off one I have in case I ever get into it.

Re: rice cooker sale

Before I read your notes about what to look for in a Rice Cooker, I took advantage of this sale and ended up buying a Black & Decker 3-cup rice cooker. I hope I won't be disappointed because I don't see ANY of the options you mentioned. We'll see. Thanks again. You have gotten me interested in making not just bento boxes, but onigiri as well :-)

Re: rice cooker sale

Maki, do you know anything about how well Sanyo rice cookers preform? I was looking at getting this one: since it is a pressure cooker too which I thought would be nice to have but since the other option I was considering was the zojirushi one that you have, I wondered if you knew anything about the sanyo one.

Re: rice cooker sale

Sanyo is a big electronics conglomerate that makes every kind of appliance, like Panasonic or GE or Phillips etc. I've never heard anything bad said about their rice cookers or other appliances. I don't think you can go wrong with selecting that or a Zojirushi. I guess I am fonder of Zojirushi since I've never had anything but positive experiences with their products (and they do specialize in kitchen appliances and wares).

Re: rice cooker sale


This is somewhat off topic here but a bit earlier I was reading some of your past articles and came across a comment you made about "the evil no-wash rice (musenmai? " This is not presently available where I live (Ottawa, Canada) but I've always been planning to try it if it ever came here- mostly because the newer rice cookers have special settings for it, which suggests that the rice itself must be 'special'. So of course I want to know what in your opinion is wrong with the stuff, exactly?
A related question: real grown-in-Japan Japanese rice is only very rarely available here, and then at stratospheric prices, but I hear comments that there is nothing like it. If you've ever had a chance to try the Japanese rice varities that are grown in the USA, what is your opinion of them?

Re: rice cooker sale

I have a Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy 10 Cup, and I love it! Have had it for 2 or 3 years... it is great! I also recommend the "Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook" with lots of 1-dish meals you can make in the rice cooker... saves time & dishes :)

Re: rice cooker sale

For years I have debated purchasing a rice cooker for various reasons. Many years ago I asked for a rice cooker as a birthday present, and my parents lovingly obliged. Unfortunately, they had no idea what a rice cooker was and managed to buy the cheapest and, perhaps, worst rice cooker ever. Even after playing with ratios, it only ever produced batches of rice that were gummy and overcooked on the top and completely burnt on the bottom. I threw it out and for years remained traumatized by the experience. I swore that if I were ever to get another rice cooker I had to be assured that it would be worth the time, effort and investment. Recently, I found myself poised to make the plunge and had the good fortune of a friend referring me to this post as point of research for my investment. I took your advice and purchased the white Zojirushi Neuro-Fuzzy rice cooker from Amazon. GULP! Even at 30% off it was quite a commitment. With that said, this purchase (and I don't want to seem over dramatic here) has changed my life! From the first time I used it, I have never had rice so perfect. It is virtually fool-proof (this coming from a certified fool), and truly makes perfect rice every time. What was once a weekly staple, is now daily. Even with a hectic schedule, I now feel I can "treat" my family with home-cooked and healthy meals every day. Thank you for your sage advice!

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