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Wrapp Up for week 3

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Posted on clarissa's blog :: Sun, 2009-02-01 14:32

Hi all together!

This week was quite nice. In university everything is moving towards the end of semester and so for me all is slowing down a bit. It's cold here in Berlin and it has been snowing, something I really like. And the things I ordered by j-list have arrived. So in the next week I will be able to use a "real" bento-box.

One of my goals was to make a bento for each day I was to stay at university over lunchtime. I did, and here they are:


The bento of monday. I have taken the picture in the mensa were I met with a friend. It contains chicken from the night before, two small burgers, paprica and broccoli, carrots some of them cut into flowers (working on the "looking good"!), rice and an attempt to make a kind of vegetable burger. They tastet rather burned so I throw them away. Maybe I will try again, but then with other ingredients (so a fail on making the veggies more interesting).


And this is the tuesday bento. I tried making apple shaped kohlrabi, but it is much nicer with brigth colored veggies, so maybe red paprica for next week? The other parts are: a shoyu tamago, the rest of the chicken, mushrooms and carrot kinpira in ribbon form inspired by nakji's post


Wednesday: Again two mini burgers, broccoli, remains of the kohlrabi and an omelett, not to see but somewhere in there are fried mushrooms. Not much done on geting it looking better or get more veggies.


And the last one, thursday: This one I made in the morning, and ate it at home, as some lessons didn't take place, and I stayed home. Again there are mushrooms (fried as I like them best), carrot kinpira ribbons, rice (as everyday, maybe I should find more variety in this point, but I like rice!), shoyu tamago and fillet of pork, a leftover of the dinner on wednesday.

I think I did quite well, but I could have done better. Today I tried to make the spicy lentil snacks and find them quite nice, so they will be something to be seen sometimes from now on. They do look nice so this is a check on making my bento look better. Does anyone has a tipp on my veggie-ptoblem?

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