Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^


Remember back in August, when we did a week of Back To School articles and giveaways? The last giveaway, which received the most entries/comments by far, was for my book. Unfortunately, despite repeated attempts to contact the winner, it’s gone unclaimed. The poor book feels very sad and unwanted, like Anne Shirley when she arrived at Green Gables the first time.

So…I’ve decided to have another drawing! What’s up for grabs, as before: a signed copy of The Just Bento Cookbook. To enter, leave a comment to this post. Email subscribers: you must click through to the site and leave a comment, not reply by email; I will discard all email replies!.

Be sure to put a valid email address where you can be reached in the appropriate text box (the one that says “E-mail”). In the subject of the comment, tell us where you’re from (town/state/country - nothing too specific!) To make it a bit more fun, answer this question too: If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?

Your comment/entry must be in before 23:59:59 CET (just before midnight of Friday, October 15, 2010. That’s right, you have only 2 days to enter! In addition, you must claim your prize before Monday, October 17 if you want your signed copy ASAP, because I’m leaving home for a few weeks then. (If I don’t hear back from the winner before Monday, she or he will have to wait until December for me to send out the book.) I’ll announce the winner soon after midnight CET on Saturday, October 16 - which will be after 6pm Eastern time/3pm Pacific time on Friday. This one will go fast! Good luck!

(The winner has been announced! Thank you to everyone who participated - sorry if you didn’t win ^_^;)

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Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Hello, I'm from the Hudson Valley of NY.

My last meal would have to be something unhealthy but delicious. I always considered chicken fried steak to be delicious but fattening so I would have to go with that. I think it would be a fitting last meal, especially with all of the sides a proper country meal should have.


Ardmore, PA

what would i chose for a last meal? i'm deep in a Mexican phase right now, so i think i'd say chilaquiles.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I would like to eat a home made, family style, traditional paella. A paella with a lot of the vegetables that are really traditionally used (garrofó, rojet, tavella, red paprika), meat (we use rabit and pork) and maybe snails...I don't eat them, but the taste left is outstanding. Yeah, I would eat a good dish, as main course. Also, If possible, a real traditional japanese ramen, as I've never eat one and really makes me wonder how will it taste!

And as dessert a good chocolate cake, the one I like the most has a milk chocolate sponge with black chocolate frost and filled with a soft and mousse-like white chocolate cream.

Between courses, finally, some spicy food...the spicy sauce from my fauvorite chinese restaurant, and some beef curry of it also!

That would melt my mouth enough to not be that afraid of fact, I've just had dinner and this post has make me hungry again :P

Cornelius, NC, USA

My last meal would be a feast of small plates--I'd have small bites of some of my favorite things! If only I could list them all....
...sweet hushpuppies from my favorite bbq joint
...kobe beef sliders with foie gras and onion jam
...poutine with thick, curry gravy mom's deviled eggs
...these awesome little waffle-cone-fish filled with vanilla ice cream and red bean paste
...trays of all of my favorite Swiss cookies and pastries
...a kegger filled with sweet, iced tea that's been spiked with Firefly vodka
...bread and butter pickles
...pickled chicken's foot from my favorite dim sum restaurant
...loads of fresh and blue stilton with fruit and more fruit

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Definitely a big bowl of bibimbap and lots and lots of side dishes.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Wow, I don't even know if this will be seen because you are rocking the comments today! My last meal would be a Medium Rare Filet Mignon from Flemmings, homemade macaroni and cheese, really good thin crust pizza with a side of ridiculously hot buffalo wings with a crapload of ranch dressing. A WHOLE bottle of Oak Ridge 2005 or something better if they have it, Chocolate Truffles and Caramel Cone ice cream. If it's my last meal, I really don't care about pigging out or about the calories, so I'd forgo the veggies and just stick to the stuff that would kill me anyway :)

Ewa Beach, Hawaii, USA

My last meal would be my dad's spaghetti! It's so good with ground turkey and big chunks of veggies, like zucchini, onions, tomatoes, and peppers! I would have to follow it up with an extremely large ice cream sundae big enough for me to eat until I can fit nothing more into my stomach.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I would have my mum's famous marinated chicken recipe. The marinade has soy sauce, tomato sauce, brown sugar, garlic, ginger, honey and sesame oil in it. It'd be marinated drumsticks served over rice, with extra marinade poured over the rice.

For dessert, I'd want something yummy and comforting. I'm a big fan of Jamie Oliver's fruit cobbler recipe, although I might want something chocolatey instead. Perhaps I'd have a big mocha with my dessert.

Finally, a cheese plate with a variety of cheeses, crackers and fruit. I used to work in a fine dining restaurant and I've always wanted the decadence of finishing my meal with a cheese platter.


Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My "last meal" would be the Crab Daddy Feast from Joe's Crab Shack.
With lots of butter and old bay seasoning. Mmmmmm!


Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My last meal? It would have to be a good ole' crawfish boil! Going back to my roots in Louisiana there :D Lots of good memories standing around a table eating crawfish with friends and family.

From Massachusetts!

My last meal would be...
a specialty sushi roll made by a place near me called's salmon, cream cheese, and avocado, fried lightly on the outside...and I'd get it with a side of vegetable samosas. Mmmmm.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I'm from the U.S.
My last meal meal would probably be a slice of really good bread, a little tomato soup and a lot of dessert! It would probably be keylime pie, pumpkin pie, taiyaki, coffee ice cream, brownies and chocolate mouse!! If I'm going to die the next day then it wouldn't matter if I had too much sugar :P

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Fried turkey scallopini, mashed potatoes, green beans and a big glass of milk. Dee-licious.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^ - Washington DC

Oh my goodness! I think I changed my last meal a few dozen times reading over just the first page of comments...

But I have to come back to my first thought, the Hawaiian food I grew up with: Lomi Salmon, Kalua pork, a spicy poke with lots of seaweed and a lemony poke with lots of sesame seeds, poi, rice, chicken and long rice soup with extra mushrooms and ginger, laulau with pork, chicken, and fish, extra taro greens. For dessert, haupia, 100% Kona coffee, and kava. oooo, soo ono!

Ah, Maki, your little exercise has made me homesick! ^_^

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My last meal would have to be meatloaf, spinach lasagne, roast turkey, chinese barbecued pork, chinese beef brisket curry, sukiyaki, da ping lo (chinese hot pot fondue), a ton of assorted sushi, fried rice, grilled squid, hummus and pita bread, a Japadog ( ), palak paneer, fried fish cake, takoyaki, and chawanmushi.

Hopefully it'd take them so long to cook everything my execution would be postponed until a different day. XD;

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I'm from Idaho in the US.
My last meal before I were to be excuted (hopefully not) would probably be sticky rice with Yoshida sauce, a few potstickers, maybe waffles with cool whip and strawberries, and a slice or two of caramel turtle ice cream cake.


The first thing that popped in my head was some french haute cuisine or elaborate japanese dinner. But, when started thinkink about which I would like to eat most, I realized, that it´s nothing even remotely close to french or other famous cuisines... just my fathers´ sauerkraut soup. It´s delicious, hearty meal, full of carrot, parsnip, dryed mushrooms, spicy sausage and dehulled barley. And when eaten with Vanocka - sweet brioshe like bread with raisins and almonds, it´s probably the best thing in the world :)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Mashed Potatoes!!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^ USA

From Ohio...
My last meal...that's so hard...Honestly I'd probably want my mothers steak and's one of my favorite meals growing up. I think I'd want something nostalgic for my last meal. :)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I'm "from" many places actually, but currently the wonderfully warm and sunny Phoenix, AZ is home. As for my last would be a very long affair, since I'd want to try every japanese food/recipe I've seen in cookbooks and the like the past few years, but have not actually had. That would be followed up, I think, with some Italian lemon cream cake for dessert. :-)

Missouri, USA

Okinomiyaki, as much as I can stuff down. And a spicy ginger beer to wash it down with.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My mother's homemade pizza, without a doubt! And then something with a foul stench to assault the executioners.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

That's a tough one! I think it'd be Chinese carrot cake (i.e. radish cake), as sold in foodcourts and by hawkers everywhere in Singapore. Bits of white radish cake, fried in oil till they're crisp and brown, with garlic, an egg and some pickled vegetables - prawns/shrimp added if you're lucky. Heaven for me!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Joshua Tree, CA, USA

Thanks so much for the amazing blog... all the supreme bento ideas and delicious recipes are so fun to read! The red pepper and carrot confetti that was posted recently was just fantastic.

My last meal would be tagliatelle al tartufo, some spicy sauteed spinach, bruschetta al pomodoro, an excellent bottle of pinot grigio, and panna cotta for desert. Yum yum!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

my last meal? it would have to be a dessert of something. sticky date pudding because i've never had it but have seen pictures and it looks yummy. :) don't want to miss all the food in the world

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Oh, I would dearly love a copy of this book!!! <3

Hello from Brighton, UK Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My last meal would be a loaf of fresh bread, a mature English cheddar, a tart grannysmith apple, kimchi, glass of red wine and marzipan for dessert.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I don't know what my last meal would be, but I would finish it off with cajeta and crepes.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I would not be able to eat all this (although maybe falling asleep after would be a good thing!): vegetarian hot and sour soup - extra hot, tempura vegetables and shrimp, avocado/cucumber makizushi with lots of wasabi, ending with salad of romaine lettuce, feta cheese, kalamata olives and pickled hot peppers.
I live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Colorado, USA

Last meal:
Creme brule
Teriyaki chicken with a ton of veg and rice
Chocolate fudge pie
(Yes, in that order. :-)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

my last meal would be baked mac and cheese, along with honey glazed carrots. mmmm.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I think I would want mum's cooking for my last meal. It's all home made dish and it's not something fancy. I do not mind any food as long as it's cooked by mum. I miss the foods that she cooked and packed for me when I was a little in my lunch box.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Hi! I´m from Chile, a country that has become famous because of 33 miners who were trapped in a mine 700 mts into the earth, and now they´ve rescued safe after a terrible accident that happened more than two months ago. I live in the same region the mine is, and work for the health service that is taking care of these heroes.

If i was going to be executed (or buried into a mine with 33 partners without any hope) my last meal would be, without any doubt, my grandma´s lentils soup. It´s just wonderful for a cold day.

I really want your beautiful book, and i think it won´t reach any bookstore in this country. What a great opportunity for me!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^


If you're gonna go, you might as well go happy, right?
I would indulge myself in fried food (tempura, burgers, french fries, etc.) because that's otherwise quite unhealthy. While I would love to have some of my favorite foods (salmon, lots of yummy fruit, ice cream, steak, takoyaki.... wait some of this is/can be fried...), it would be nice to be different. At lesat I'd be happy before my demise.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Hi! I've gotten so many ideas from your website and newsletter. I currently live in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan. It's been great learning the food here and knowing what to do with it from your website. Thank you!

My last meal would be, if I were in Japan, cold ramen. I just crave it in the hot weather. Maybe gyudon if it is cold out with japanese pickles and a wonderful japanese salad. YUM! And, of course, green tea to wash it all down with--cold or hot.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I huuuuuuge bowl of pasta. :D

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?
It is so hard to think of just one thing but i think it would have to be menudo with torillas and a milkshake because it is a comfort food and it would be a great way to handle my nerves of dying.

from California US

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

This is a tough one: torn between English, Mediterranean and Japanese. Probably will have to go for nan's fergese (Albanian dish) and her milk & butter filo pie, finished with a decadent chocolate tart.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

California, USA

Hmm...that's hard. I know I'd want to be with all my family, and I'd want to cook ^^ Probably one of my mom's old recipes, though, like salmon with pepper flakes or steak and rice. Good 'ol comfort food.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My choice is for battered haddock and chips.

US-- Oregon

I think I'd eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, just for the irony.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?

Definitely chicken cutlets and stuffed artichokes. Mmmm

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My last meal would definitely be pizza. forget about diets and everything else. It's got nostalgic value and its delicious! although my taste in toppings has changed a bit, I do still love pizza.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Hmm probably Japanese rice omelette with curry sauce. So simply, yet so delicious. It's impossible to find in Vancouver so whenever I'm in Japan I pig out.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

What would my last meal be?
It's too hard to pick D: I'd want all of my favorites.
So I'll say, for the first course fried rice with veggies and some stir-fryed noodles.
Then, a huge steak with sweet potato fries.
And finally, my mom's homemade pasta sauce and spaghetti with pounds and pounds of parmesan cheese on top

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Hmmm... To keep the theme of last meals, mine would have to be a carnival food extravaganza. Corn dogs, southwest egg rolls and can't forget a dessert of deep fried snickers. Lol I'm always trying to watch my weight, I'd lose it all for deep fried deliciousness.

Brooklyn, NY

I love food so I don't know, hmm....if I had to choose it would have to be my mom's sweet white rice with any type of meat. Yuuuuum ^.^

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I'm originally from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, but currently hailing from New England.

If I were to be executed tomorrow, hmm. I'd want my mother's fabulous Hyderebad style lamb chops; Karachi-style biryani, a salad of dates, figs, papaya, cashews and hazelnuts; and finish off with sewayia & an assortment of mithai.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Mmm... Unclaimed book, I have a nice warm spot for you on my shelf!

Last meal, cup of noodles and a bucket of kfc :)

Eau Claire, WI USA

If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?

My last meal would be steak and salt potatoes and corn on the cob with lots of butter and cheesecake for dessert. I know it's very basic, but I have fond summer memories of this meal.