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I have a suggestion! On a few other forums I've been to, there was a forum section for "journals" - basically just a section where you could make your own thread and sort of blog about whatever you wanted. I thought it might be nice to have this forum section since I think a lot of people who visit don't have their own blogs and it'd be nice for everyone to have a place to do so. It'd also prevent other sections from getting a bit too cluttered I think, if a new thread is made every time someone wants to post a picture of their lunch.

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Re: Forum Journals

That's a good idea. I guess I need to see if enough people are interested in such a feature. If there I can set it up over the weekend.


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Re: Forum Journals

I would be interessted. I don't have enough time for a blog, or enough to write. And the one post for talk to week one is realy full by now.


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Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!
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Re: Forum Journals

ibii has a point. I totally support this idea ^_^ (since I don't really have a blog of my own, and it makes more sense for everyone to track their progress in one place rather than scatter it around several threads)


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Re: Forum Journals

hmm, that sounds like a really good idea! I don't keep a blog, but I would be interested in doing this! :)


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