Carrot and cheese stars, flowers, hearts

This is a very simple yet quite pretty bento decoration that I saw in a Japanese magazine. Just take slices of cooked carrot (I just boiled them for a few minutes in salted water, but you could use the orange carrots recipe too), stack on top of a slice of cheese, and cut through with a small cutter.


Then pop out both cut-out pieces, and insert the cheese cut-out into the carrot circle. The result is a nice bi-colored decorative piece.


You can of course use the cut-out carrot part too.

Just remember that you need to cook the carrot slices before you cut them out, since of course you can’t cook them after inserting the cheese! (Yes, I learned this by trial and error.)

I used cheese that I sliced to to the same thickness as the carrot slices. You could use pre-sliced cheese, but the carrot slices would have to be quite thin to match. The decorative rounds look the nicest if the cheese and the carrot are the same thickness. (You could experiment with a double-layer of sliced cheese.)

Incidentally, I found the tiny cutters used for this in the craft section. They are sold as polymer clay cutters, and are about 1 cm / less than 1/2 inch in diameter. I don’t use them for polymer clay of course - they’re reserved for food.

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Re: Carrot and cheese stars, flowers, hearts

Thanks for the clue about craft polymer cutters. "Cute" is for kids, but these are nice shapes for adults in a bento.

Re: Carrot and cheese stars, flowers, hearts

This is such a fantastic idea! I have just ordered some small cutters from ebay and cannot wait to try this out! I stopped doing bento for a while but have recently got back into it and I am so happy I have! Thank you :)

Re: Carrot and cheese stars, flowers, hearts

This is a wonderful activity for kids and adults to do together.

Keep up the fun work! You are encouraging families all over.

Our non-profit delivers "Food Literacy" and "Kitchen Safety/injury prevention" life-skill programs to kids and families.

Ideas like this are what we want to show - its truly wonderful to get families together around food. Children remember this for the rest of their lives.

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