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Hello all,
So, yesterday I introduced my girlfriend to the excellent foodie film, Tampopo. In the process
I began to wonder about other good foodie movies out there. Anyone have any recommendations?


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Re: Foodie Movies


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Re: Foodie Movies

I really liked Babette's feast (1987), but I must admit that I love Karen Blixen anyway, so... ^^
There is also some classic french films : L'aile ou la cuisse (The Wing and the Thigh, 1976) and La cuisine au beurre (My Wife's Husband (... strange translation), 1963), both hilarious !
I can't think of anything else right now, but I'm curious to see other suggestions !

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Re: Foodie Movies

Here is a light heart movie, not strictly a foodie movie.
If any of you have seen it, let me know what you think. :)


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Re: Foodie Movies

Wow, thanks for all the suggestions. I'll take a look at them this week!

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Re: Foodie Movies

Tampopo is my favorite food movie ever!

I also reviewed two other Japanese food movies here: Onigiri in the movies: Kamome Diner and Supermarket Woman. Supermarket Woman is from the same director as Tampopo.

Actually there are quite a lot of Japanese food-related movies. Japanese people are really obsessed with food! But those are the best ones I've seen so far imo. (There was one called Udon that came out a couple of years ago, but I don't think it's available outside of Japan.)

Of non-Japanese food movies my favorite is Babette's Feast. Wonderful, wonderful movie.

Other ones I love: Eat Drink Man Woman, Like Water For Chocolate, Big Night. I have those and a few others on my aStore including some food-centric (scripted) TV shows too. (Too bad the Kitchen Confidential series tanked.)


The Big Onigiri.

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Re: Foodie Movies

I liked "Big Night" a lot. "Udon" was also great and you can watch it subtitled online at

Udon was a good movie, but I think when someone passes away you can't always recreate what they made the way you remember it. But that's just one of those movie things like the ugly duckling turning into the beautiful swan by taking off her glasses.

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Re: Foodie Movies

Ooh, another vote for Babette's Feast & the general wonderfulness of Karen Blixen :-) Then, there's Peter Greenaway's brutal but fascinating The Cook, His Wife, The Thief, and His Lover. Not exactly a sweet movie, but there sure is a food theme!


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I'm really pleased to have finally been able to catch up with this movie.
The interesting part is that it does (very, VERY loosely) document the actual boom that did happen in the Kagawa region when the rest of Japan finally caught on to how amazing the udon are in this area.
I knew there had been a book published which Japanese gourmet tourists used to help them explore the area. Alas, it's only in Japanese so I never saw it. It was fascinating to see this fictional account of Kazutoshi Tao and the publication of "Osorubeki Sanuki Udon"
More info about the real life back story here:
Thanks for the link! I went to Takamatsu last year for a day as a pedestrian Udon 'Pilgrim' (it would be much better to go by car and with friends) I can really relate to this movie. Not a great film, but very enjoyable nonetheless.

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Re: Foodie Movies

This isn't really a movie..but a drama.

Ryusei No Kizuna - I loved it..kept me guessing till the end...and it's all about a family's Hayashi beef rice recipe! Of course, I love Ninomiya Kazunari in it too. But the Hayashi beef is a central part of the plot =) There are 10 episodes and each episode is about 45 minutes. The last one was 60 minutes. The first 2 episodes are kinda slow, but it really picks up. and both have it. I like Aznv cause i can watch whole episodes at a time rather then just parts =)

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Re: Foodie Movies

Last week I went to Megane. Maybe there's not much food in it, but it plays an important role and is prepared with much care (there's a better word for that I'm sure ;)

Of course you can also check out the IMDb using the keyword 'food'


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Re: Foodie Movies

Megane is by the same director as Kamome Shokudo, and used the same food stylist I believe. (The food stylist has a book out in Japan too - it seems her food got famous through the movies!)

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