White Natto-like food, what could it be?

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I've eaten japanese-style breakfast during homestay and the family served something that was so yummy, but I cannot remember the name. The texture was similiar to Natto, however it looked white. We put it on top of rice and also added some nori. Does anybody know what it might have been?

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Neba-neba goodness

I suspect you were eating nagaimo (or yamaimo).

There are a couple of root vegetables with this texture. They are peeled and then grated. Once prepared, you just 'pour' it over hot rice and whisk together. As well as nori, you can add soy sauce or other condiments. Also good with raw or lightly poached egg.

As well as hot rice, grated nagaimo and yamaimo are delicious when added to soba and udon.

Maki has posted what I believe is a deluxe version of your yummy breakfast here:
Nagaimo is also discussed here: http://www.justhungry.com/okonomiyaki-osaka-style?from=30&comments_per_p...

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Re: White Natto-like food, what could it be?

Thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for! *goes to supermarket to buy yamaimo immediately*

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