October 2007

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Essential equipment and supplies for making bento lunches

Bento lunches need to be assembled in the morning to taste as good as they can at lunch time. I aim to make any bento lunch in 20 minutes or less. On occasion I may go to 30 minutes, but that's as much time as I can realistically spend. I find all of the things listed here to be very useful.

For a long time, I've been mulling over the subject of bento. Since Just Hungry is dedicated in large part to Japanese cooking, there are quite a few entries there of interest to bento fans, but I really wanted to make a site that was only about bento making, from my point of view. So, about 2 years after I first registered the domain and long hours of procrastination - I present to you Just Bento.

Selecting the right bento lunch box

How to select the right bento lunch box for you.

Bento Basics

The basics of bento, and the type of bento you'll see mostly here.

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