June 2010

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Rice cooker frittata with summer vegetables


Here's the first recipe from my minimal non-kitchen kitchen (see previously). This recipe has proved itself to be a keeper already - I've made it 3 times in the past couple of weeks. It is basically a vegetable frittata that is cooked in a rice cooker.

Inedible bento Without a kitchen, it's been difficult to make bentos, but I did make something...

At the moment my life is rather full of excitement in many ways; there's the book of course, my mother had major surgery just today (in Japan), my father is almost ready to go home after many months in the hospital and a physical rehabilitation center (in the U.S.). But the part that is having the most immediate affect on daily life around here is the fact that I've just moved to a new house, which at the moment has no kitchen.

News about The Just Bento Cookbook


News about The Just Bento Cookbook (and yes, that's the official title now!) It's even available for pre-order on all the Amazons!

The Just Bento Cookbook

In this section, you'll find all the news, updates and so on about the Just Bento Cookbook: Everyday Lunches To Go, and its sequel, the Just Bento Cookbook 2: Make Ahead, Easy, Health Lunches To Go.