January 2011

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If you're in Seattle...about the Uwajimaya event on Saturday

Just a word about my last book tour event...at Uwajimaya in Seattle on Saturday.

Another bento contest to enter for prizes!

Great question: What's the difference between a lunch box and a bento?

Book signing at Kinokuniya NY

One question in particular stuck in my mind from the Saturday book signing event....

More Just Bento Cookbook news: U.S. book events and availability

News about the mini-book-tour, plus...where the heck is the book anyway?

Brown rice porridge with azuki beans (azuki iri genmai gayu)


Healthy and filling, this brown rice kayu or rice porridge is perfect for thermal lunch jars.

Looking at thermal bento sets and lunch jars


Do you like the idea of bentos, but not the idea of eating cold food all the time for lunch? Or maybe you just yearn for some hot soup in the winter months, but you don't have access to a microwave at lunchtime. A thermal bento set or lunch jar could be just what you need. But which one?

oshougatsu-miffy1.jpg Welcome to 2011, the Year of the Miffy, I mean the bunny! I was going to make an onigiri bunny, but a Miffy and friends (more amigurumi bunnies over on Just Hungry) emerged instead. Here's to another eventful year!
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