February 2012

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In case you don't follow the sister site, Just Hungry, last week we got home from attending my father's memorial service in New York to find out we had been burgled in our absence. Among other things, they took most of our 'temporary' kitchen equipment (we are still in the middle of renovations...) including the working hotplate, the microwave oven (which was also a convection oven...so handy), not to mention my food processor, KitchenAid mixer, even my stick blender.

Beef and vegetable rolls (Yasai no nikumaki)


Yasai no nikumaki, or vegetables wrapped in thinly sliced meat, (niku means meat and maki means wrap or roll) is a colorful and delicious standby item for bentos in Japan. This recipe uses a typical American cut of beef, very thinly sliced sirloin or 'cheesesteak beef'.