Today, yesterday and tomorrow

  • Posted on: 11 February 2009
  • By: wisdom goddess born
Yesterday's lunch while brown was fulfilling. I enjoy the tastes and the combo, although I don't really care for frozen veggies. They are convenient though. I got some instant response to my dilemna of still being hingry and so I realize I need to ask for help form time to time. Today's lunch is my attempt to cut back on the carbs (starchy ones) and up the protein and the veggies. So today I have a 1/2 c of veggie curry, 7 aspapargus spears, 1/3 c mashed potatoes, 6 mini meatballs and 3 2" strips of cube steak sauteed w ketchap manis, and a homemade cheese biscuit 2"(all from stockpile). I have added to my stock pile of foods but not keeping them too long. My hope is that I get this a little better handld, and tha tI finally develop mis en place habits!