1st post!

  • Posted on: 5 April 2009
  • By: MitarashiDango
Thank you, Maki-san for setting up my blog!! I'm so happy to find out when I woke up about an hour ago! I now have somewhere to blog my food adventures with. I first thought of using LJ, which was created about year ago and is still left empty; or maybe blogspot.. I've always wanted to have a blog for my design portfolio and random thoughts, so it won't be nice to see posts about what I bento there ^^; Just for a start, I bento to healthily lose the >10kg I've gained from stress a year ago and the extra kilos I put on during puberty. I've never been in-a-good-shape since I reach puberty and I am pear-shaped. I may look smaller to many at first, but once their eyes travel to my bottom, they seem to choke back the words :c Stress may seem like a laughable reason for the speedy weight-gain. I am an emotional eater. I tend to eateateat when I'm stressed and there's no limit to that. I admit that I used food as means of "escape". No good.. More importantly, I bento to save money. I transferred from business to design in Feb this year and the cost of my materials makes me cry. To make up for them, I stinge on eating out. Plus, I have to set aside some money for cosplay materials ^^; I bento 3 days a week (that's when I have full-day class in uni) or maybe more if I have project group meetings. I have not posted any pictures since they don't look pretty at all. Besides, I will only receive my bento box somewhere during my easter break. Meanwhile I am using whatever microwavable boxes I found at home.. I don't have time to exercise because of my dead-packed-with-projects schedule but I try to walk as much as I can. Don't walking... helps? ^^; And oh, I refer to this site for references about my calorie needs. Thank you again, Maki-san for such a great tool! I am not sure how much I've lost, but my pants are now more loose on my waist =) My scales PMS-es, so I cannot exactly tell how much weight have fallen-off me. My portions are now pretty well controlled too! I still cannot kick my bad habit of snacking at night, but I am working on it.. I hope this will continue and be maintained over the long term ^^
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