Eating out and pancake time!

  • Posted on: 4 February 2009
  • By: Eleven Clovers
So I got up on Sunday morning and for once the house was nice and quiet and peaceful (my mother was sleeping in). The snow was falling outside and there was nice white blankets all over the roofs, the streets not yet turned to slush. So what else to do but to make pancakes? Forget about the pile of homework on your desk, go make pancakes! And then as I stood there mixing my batter I thought to myself: man, I really want some Earl Grey muffins and BAM! Aha! What if I were to mix the Earl Grey into my pancake batter? This: Photobucket And here is the finished stack: Photobucket My batter wasn’t sweet enough though, so I used that as an excuse to drown my stack in maple syrup and promptly devour. Photobucket Nomnomnomnom... Oops. Photobucket The following morning I had some batter left so I added a teaspoon of maple syrup to it and fried up some mini pancakesies for breakfast and packed the rest into my bento ^_^ My friends found them rather strange. ‘WTH? Why did you put tea in your pancakes?! …. Can I try?’ I didn’t really taste the tea so much though. I found it rather strange that Maki’s recipe calls for 1 teabag per 24 muffins. That really doesn’t seem like a lot. I had 1 teabag for about 8 palm sized pancakes. And whoever said eating tea leaves makes them jittery… well after eating my pancakes I promptly fell asleep half an hour later ^^’ Even though it was noon. Later on Sunday I went out to dinner at a friend of my mother’s. It was what the Vietnamese ladies around here like to call ‘Sushi Night’. I was supposed to come earlier to participate in the making, but I was stuck home doing my French and came later. Everything was already laid out so nicely! PhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket I wish I could’ve taken some with me in my bento, but all of the rolls had raw fish in them so we ‘had to’ (haha, it was a pleasure) to polish them off on the night. [All my photos are stupid thumbnails because Photobucket keeps claiming my photos have been deleted or removed. They're right there! It's like Eddie Izzard's printer encore <_<]