Stuck between Panic and Procrastination: Week 4 Wrap-up

  • Posted on: 8 February 2009
  • By: Eleven Clovers
Why am I here? I should be disconnecting myself from the internet and being a good girl and reading up on Lenin and orbital hybridisation and proving trigonometric identities. But alas, I am the Lazy Bum Queen, and so I am sitting here procrastinating. I swear, I’ll just post this wrap-up and I’ll go study. Dead honest. So last week I said: - 4-5 bentos (no special component requirement even!) ***Yes, I made brought one to school with me every day. - keep bento making time in the morning short and eat breakfast! ***Yes, I shortened the times and had breakfast (Greek yogurt with Honey Nut Cheerios and dried cranberries, mmmmmmm) - control my snacking habits ***Truthfully I can’t remember. I think I did ok… mainly because I packed myself plenty of things to snack on - exercise! exercise! exercise! I lost count of my stair flights AGAIN! Bum, I don't want to restart all over. ***Let’s not talk about this - start thinking about any specific foods I might want to pack myself for exam week (tips, anyone?) ***Uh… forgot. And one more, unrelated to bentoing: - STUDY!!! I am such a terrible procrastinator it's not even funny T_T *** FAIL! FAIL! FAIL! My exam begins in… 35hours and I haven’t even started studying! I have the worst work ethic ever T_T Monday Photobucket Not a proper bento because there was no food left from the night before (dinner party!). A tuna salad sandwich, bit of an apple, mini Earl Grey pancakes :D and roasted pumpkin seeds which actually lasted me one morning break, one lunch break, snacking at home and then the morning break of the following day. That’s just ¼ cup! Tuesday Photobucket Lots of yumminess ^_^ White rice with yukari, blanched um romaine lettuce for some reason, celery hiding beneath a pork stir fry. For snacking there are more Cheerios, dried cranberries, pomelo bits (which I had mistaken for Monsieur Pamplemousse the other week), apple jaws and some Hershey’s Hugs. I offered my teacher a Hug and he didn’t realise what I meant and said “Oh no, I don’t want to go to jail!” Hee. Wednesday Photobucket More banh chung!Same pork stir fry sitting on top of lettuce, a garlicky stir fry of a veg whose name I know only in Vietnamese, more apple, Cheerios, cranberries, Hugs and an Oreo. Thursday Photobucket Rice with nori smiley, lettuce, daikon with egg stir fry, fish (don’t know the cooking method), apple, Oreos and cream fudges ^_^ Bit too gooey though, I prefer my fudge crumbly. Friday Photobucket Rice with a coriander tree, lettuce, garlicky pumpkin, celery, tofu in garlicky tomato sauce. (It’s vegan chase the vampires away day! :P). For snack Oreos, more fugde, apple, cranberries and Cheerios (that got soggy, but that’s ok). Alright. That’s it! Bloody hell. Must disconnect NOW. And am NOT wasting my time fixing this stupid problem Photobucket seems to have with my photos. They're RIGHT THERE! If only I could upload stuff onto Flickr. NEVER MIND, least of my worries right now.