My Goodness, so much new stuff!

  • Posted on: 24 February 2009
  • By: Eleven Clovers
So things are suddenly rather strange for me. But let’s start with something nice. I was out at a BODIES exhibition yesterday, and in between queuing and touching hearts I bought myself some silicon muffin cups! Yay! ^_^ I was actually trying to buy a muffin tin, but they were too big to fit in my oven, so I bought the muffin cups instead, then I got home and remembered ‘Hey! Bento accessory!’ Anyway, they fit very nicely into my box, but they’re not very sunny – grey seems to be the only colour of silicon around here. And blue, but only oven mitts come in blue. I also got myself some cookie cutters, just some regular old kind, for like… 75cents? Hehe. And a cake pan. Although it is rather shallow, but nevermind, who’s going to eat a huge cake in a household of two? Like I said in my earlier post, this month is Week 4 of the Challenge, because a friend of mine (I shall call her MG) has come to live here while her mother goes to Vietnam. She has a Lock and Lock set as well! Here it is: In comparison to mine: I think of them as big brother and little brother ^_^ Hers is a little difficult to work with though, since I prefer a broader surface for spreading food. And she likes her stuff to be warm. Picky picky. And now the important change: my mother is leaving to Vietnam for just over a week. Which means… freedom to me! Cooking, I mean. But also means complete responsibility. Over myself and other belly. Now I actually have to PLAN. Good grief, this is new to me. In the good news, I received some of my exam grades today. I did pretty damn well, if I do say so myself. I got a 7 in Maths, a 7 in Biology and a 7 in French, wooo! (7 being the highest grade). The history exam which I thought I had failed… she gave me a 6. Technically I should get a 5, I’m 1% off a 6, but she said it was a leaving present. The paper I had panicked about really DID go badly though, I only got 48% on it (!!!) but on the second I got 74% which brought my grade up considerably ^_^ Tomorrow I find out my Chemistry and English grades. And to finish off, the bentos of today: Mine MG’s