27th February Wrapup for Late Starters and Follow-ups

I'm posting this a little early this week, I'm about to hop into my car and drive to Christchurch (four hours away) for a weekend of motorcycle racing. No, I'm not racing, I'm "pit crew" aka "having a good time". I hope everyone is still keeping up the good work. Here is my car boot (trunk), containing a very large bento. I have three home-made baguettes (in the commercial plastic bread bag); one other home-made loaf, pre-sliced; two roast chickens in silver foil; one small ham thing (bought); one large meatloaf; four kg mixed stone fruit; five apple turnovers; one large iceberg lettuce; two trusses of tomatoes; 700g Colby cheese; one bottle of home-made smoky hot sauce. I need to stop and buy some butter and collect some more frozen chiller block things from work. big bento No, I don't intend to eat it all myself!