700 ml box?

(originally posted on the Flickr Group Just Bento: Bento Gear) Hi-- after many, many months of staring at bento sites (especially this one!) and bento stores, I think I'm *finally* going to take the plunge and actually prepare real bentos for lunch, as opposed to sticking a bunch of leftovers in a container. I know that I can just use the cheap plastic containers that I already have, but I can't help but covet the cute bento boxes. So, let me ask you: can any of you personally recommend an approximately 700 ml container (either one-tier or two-tier), preferably microwavable, that's not too expensive (not more than US $20)? I've seen some in my searches, but I was wondering what you all have, if any. I should add that it doesn't have to be totally kawaii-- I've been looking at "men's" bento boxes, and they'll do. 700 ml is about the capacity I've calculated that will be satisfying for me for lunch without being excessive. Thanks for whatever help you can provide! Yoko