Bento Equipment Shopping in Hong Kong

Hello Everyone I thought i would share the address of places I was able to get bento equipment from while we were in Hong Kong I LOVE CAKE - If you like to bake, decorate or bento, ANYTHING Asian or western. Go here. They have baking ingredients, cake holders, piping equipment, gift wrapping. compound chocolate, food colourings, silicon moulds, baking tins, stainless steel cutters... and a good selection of Bento Cutters. But no bento boxes! They also have a discount card, if you spend over a certain amount you become a member and all purchases will be discounted upon production of a card. Next door, is a catering store that holds every type of baking tray known on earth, and pots big enough to cook a pig. Whole. They are operated by the same people, so the discount card applies here too :D I picked up sandwich pressers, plastic cutters (replace the metal ones), Doremon and Hello Kitty silicon baking moulds, and a baking sheet all for about $100AUD. The Baking sheet to purchase in Australia is $170 alone! Fa Yeun Gai (Flower Garden Street) Mong Kok This was by luck. I was looking for baby clothes for a friend, but found all the toy shops stock some sort of bento stuff. But you need to go behind the market stalls to the shops. Fa Yeun Gai, runs parallel to Ladies Market, But this is the street Market for the HK Locals. The outdoor stalls sell clothes, veggie peelers, fruit and everything else. And the shops behind sell an assortment of warehouse clothing, and hair accessories. There are a few cutesy toy shops which is where I found a doremon nori punch for 180 hkd which is 25AUD. Some small onigiri holders, and the cutest pink heart shaped little bento box! which I plan to use to give Husband's bento next week!,+Mong+Kok,+Hong+Kong&sll=-25.335448,135.745076&sspn=55.10399,93.076172&ie=UTF8&oi=geospell&cd=1&geocode=FZaXVAEdrBvOBg&split=0&hq=&hnear=Fa+Yuen+St,+Mong+Kok,+Hong+Kong&z=17
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