Bento for Life

My boyfriend has been on my case about my weight again. About a year ago I did Body for Life and had decent results, but fell off the wagon. Now he is encouraging me to do it again (although he couldn't even follow the program for 2 days....big baby.) I got him a Mr Bento with 4 containers for X-mas, which I fill for him since we work together. He doesn't cook though, so I'm going to bring it with me for my last semester at school. 4 containers = 4 out of the 6 meals I'll have to eat throughout the day, and I figure each container is about the right size. The last time I did it I relied on the dining hall for my meals, which may have contributed to my lack-lustre results. Now that I cook for myself and am getting better at it, I figure the time is good to try it again. I just thought I'd mention this here, if anyone wants to join me and we can be all encouraging and supportive :P Body for Life is a pretty brutal program - not as bad as P90X, but it takes alot more planning that P90 does. My program goals are to 1.) Be able to wear a bikini to the beach this summer and 2.) Have better stamina so I can take a dancing class with my boyfriend.
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