caprese skewers

These made an appearance in my bento pictured here. grape or cherry tomatoes fresh mozzarella sliced about 1/4" thick and cut to the same diameter as your tomatoes (I used stainless steel sakura shaped vegetable cutters {note: I only linked to kaboodle because it came up in a google image search}) fresh basil skewers (toothpicks work fine) Cut tomatoes in half. Make a sandwich of all three ingredients! If you can use a part of the basil where two leaves grow opposite each other, they look like tiny space ships. Variation: I used these as an appetizer at Thanksgiving, but in addition to using fresh basil leaves, I hollowed out one half of the tomatoes and spooned in some home made walnut pesto, which I got from Heidi Swanson in an article in Food and Wine.
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