Cauliflower salad

My friend Stacey's recipe. Cut a cauliflower into very small florets then cook very briefly - they want to be still crunchy. More or less just blanch them. Mix them with a cup or so of frozen diced mixed veges (yes, I said "What?!!!" too, I don't generally class them as fit to be eaten) and a cup or so of roasted peanuts. Make about a cup of dressing from equal parts of mayonnaise and peanut butter, and add a teaspoon or more of curry powder (taste it and see if you want more). Add enough to coat the veges and toss. Leave it for a bit to let the frozen veges defrost, then eat. It keeps well too, for a salad. Update: I should add that the mayo doesn't need to be real mayo - it can be any sort of creamy salad dressing, I use a low fat one. Also, you don't NEED to use the frozen mixed veg. I made it the other day and added some leftover steamed cabbage, frozen soy beans, and diced raw red capsicum. It just wants to be something with a sweetish flavour and a bit of colour. Even a bit of dried fruit, like cranberries or sultanas would be good.
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