Celebrity Masterchef 2009 - OR - 'Do Strawberries go with Goat's Cheese?' :)

Has anyone in the UK (or elsewhere, for that matter) been watching the new series of Celebrity Masterchef? As usual, most of the 'celebrities' are people I have never heard of, but it's been good viewing so far until tonight. Greg and John berated a contestant for making a salad including goat's cheese and strawberries. Okay, so it had ciabatta so that didn't work, and the leaves he used were not heavy or bitter enough (just little gem lettuce) but surely they should have recognised that strawberries, with pepper, can work well with goat's cheese, and at least acknowledged where he was going instead of making out that he was mad! I felt really bad for the guy, and thought they were being very short-sighted, which I've never noticed as they're normally very good. Grr. Sorry about that! Is it just me being weird? I have heard of this combo many times, and done it myself. Now I think I must be going mad... Anyway, any other Masterchef comments from anyone? I will still continue to watch, as I love the show, but that did make me a little angry with John and Greg. Tut tut!