citrus varieties- can i grow my own yuzu tree?

hello everyone, i really adore all kinds of citrus juice and citrus peel tastes, i love the freshness and slight bitterness, it's great to lift the taste in a dish that might be a little bland without. now, i can get lemons and oranges and tangerines and kumquats and grape fruit and pomelo and sometimes even small, aromatic bitter seville oranges or weird egg-shaped yellow aromatic warty things from jordania, but i've never smelled or tasted fresh yuzu or.. what was it maki mentioned in the justhungry/basics article? ah, right: sudachi and daidai. i've never even heard of those, and apparently there's even more varieties used for cooking in japan. hurray! does anyone care to discribe them to me? how do these things look, taste and smell? is there a way to get them in germany? i've successfully grown my own oranges on a tree which i keep in a huge pot and wheel into a shed in winter. if i had some seeds, i'd just grow my own yuzu tree! (yeah, it would be years until it bears fruit. still, a steady supply of any kind of citrus fruit is a nice thing..)