Hiya Maki, I was wondering if there is any way of adding a cookbook to the forum. Although it's currently 404, I used to be active on another forum that had one and it was pretty cool. Users could submit their own recipes by selecting categories (vegetarian, dessert, low fat, etc), entering the ingredients/instructions and other users could rate/post comments. This might be a useful tool to browse just recipes if someone was looking for say a vegan appetizer or gluten free main dish rather than to have to search through the forum. Although the recipe section is small now, hopefully it will become large and harder to navigate. ;) I did find this one: Although it's not in the same style as the other, it might work to help organize what is already posted into sections. Not sure if it's doable and if I am making more work for you or you hate the idea just tell me to shove off and I will go and sit in the corner quietly. ;) (It's almost impossible to offend me btw!) C~ :)