Dietary advice for pregnant women in Japan?

Hi! There's certainly a lot of food related advice for pregnant women - no raw eggs, no liver, no unpasteurised dairy products, go easy with the caffeine, go easy with the tuna, no marlin and swordfish and no raw fish or shellfish. There's also conflicting advice about eating peanuts (of particular concern as my husband has eczema). The advice I've found and been given, however, is focused almost entirely on foods found in European diets. I'd be very grateful to learn which foods women in Japan are recommended to eat and avoid. For instance, I understand that Korean women are urged to eat plenty of wakame, but I've also heard that Japanese women might be told to take care not to eat too much wakame and other seaweeds. I'm also not sure about Calpis. I'll be spending a couple of weeks in Japan next month, so I'd be very grateful for any information that will help me maintain an adventurous diet. If there are any sashimi/sushi items that are considered risk free I'd particularly like to know about them. It's bad enough that I've developed an acute aversion for any kind of green tea! Many thanks!