Guten Tag from Germany

Hello everybody! Being boring as I am I couldn't think of a fancy titel, and just followed the mainstream. I stumbled over bento making a few days ago, when me and a few friends decided to skip the cafeteria for good now. I'm a full time university student, and spent most of my time working on either my master thesis or my job as an assistant researcher to a professor. Both those things combined equal lots of time spent at university, and zero time to eat. And our cafeteria starts to get boring - after four years of living here, the foods starts to come out of my ears. That's when making bento entered the picture. I googled it for the first time on sunday, started lurking here on monday, and as of today I carry my first bento in my bag with me. It contains noodles, brokkoli, carrots and a good amount of soy sauce, plus some homemade cherry joghurt, and I'm very proud of myself. Currently I'm eying a very pretty pink "real" bento box, but for now the cheap boxes from Migros have to do the job - and they are doing it quite fine so far. I'm looking forward to learn a lot about new recipes, bento boxes and change my way of eating and cooking. Oh, and as a broke student, I'm of course looking forward to save some money in the long run. All in all I think making bentos will help me develope a new sense for the food I'm eating. I'm a picky eater, and maybe I'll discover new things and open my mind a bit. Plus I can converse better with my boyfriend, who's a fan of japanese food and would walk a thousand miles for a good suhsi - while I don't even like fish.. ^___^ I'm looking forward to meet all of you! ~Fayet
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