ISO tasty veggie protein recipes..

Hey guys, Having a lot of trouble over here finding recipes for vegetarian proteins that taste good being cold. I just recently cut out all meat products, although I do still eat eggs and milk, so I have retained a lot of recipes that call for meat dishes, which I'm working into converting over to vegetarian-friendly. A lot of my veggie-friendly recipes call for tofu which I tend to like moreso when warm or hot, but.. I'd rather not have to heat up any bentos if I can help it. I love tamagoyaki and boiled eggs, so I'm using those mostly, but.. I can't live off that forever, lol. Any ideas for tasty cold veggie proteins? I've also been using the Quorn products in place of meats and veggie meatballs and that seems to be working out fairly well also, but again I have to change up my meal plan once in a while. Any ideas?