Making bento for just yourself?

Hello, I'm new to this site, though I have been looking at the pages for a couple months now. I'm a high-schooler currently, and really want to pick up the habit of making bento (/just packing lunch in general) for this school year, seeing as normally I completely skip lunch, or just eat junk food. My family handles dinner etc, so I don't really have the control to make foods for dinner that I can save and toss in a bento for lunch the next day. It'll be just me doing this, and I don't eat a huge amount, so it'll be all too easy for me to end up with food being left over and going bad. I feel like this might be my main issue, as it seems like many of the recipes on this site have many, many parts to them, and for the little I'd have to make for just myself I don't think it's be worth the time. And I wouldn't want to make large servings, because given the choice, I'd rather make too-small servings rather than too-big and watching them go bad, seeing as I'm used to skipping lunch. And I guess it'd be easiest to say that, while I'm not vegetarian, I don't really eat much meat or seafood. Out of them, chicken's probably the only meat I actually like. And I feel like meat would also be harder for me to make than other foods. On the plus side, I love rice and fruits, which are easy/effortless. I think I'd love cooked vegetables, but I don't really have any recipes for them that I've tried. So I was wondering if anyone had any recipes, advice, or tips? I'm sorry for the really long post everyone. I feel really bad now, because I'm so picky. =( And... This seemed to be the right forum to post this in? I'm not too sure, but I think there are a few topics that are slightly similar, but I'm really sorry if this is misplaced.