MasterChef Australia

I am a big fan of the original UK version of MasterChef on BBC2. (I even did the ingredient challenges for series 3 and blogged my attempts on Just Hungry. I blog about MasterChef a lot.)

Anyway, I recently discovered the Australian version of MasterChef via nefarious (cough) means. It's quite different from the British version, but I'm hooked! The challenges so far are pretty interesting and the contestants have a lot of promise (either in terms of cooking skills or potential for you know, reality TV drama), but what I am most impressed by is the variety and quality of the produce and things available. I've never been to Australia but now I really want to go!

How is the show being received in Australia? (I think someone really should bring the MasterChef format to the US too, though the Food Network or whoever may ruin it.)

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