Need basic bento gear? Think you are spending too much? I can help you. :)

(Too long, didn't read? There's a summary at the bottom) Hello there everyone. So I was thinking, I live in the SF bay area (San Jose to be exact) and there is a fair amount of stores that I can get some basic bento stuff supplies from (boxes, accessories, chopsticks, etc... but unsure about the more expensive stuff..). I know that some people who end up buying online spend a pretty penny on some of their bento gear because of the inflated prices, and I wanted to offer a cheaper alternative (that is, if you plan to buy more than a box). I live fairly close to a Daiso (kinda like a japanese dollar store, except most items are $1.50) Japan store in San Jose, and would be willing to make maybe a monthly or bi-monthly trip if anyone ever wanted me to buy stuff for them there. They have a website at and have a nice little selection of stuff. The one I am near, I don't know if they have everything the website does (they have a somewhat small selection last i went), but if you made a list I could try to find what you'd like (since their website only sells in bulk). I think this would be best if you planned to buy more than just a bento box. If you want to get more than just bento gear, I would be willing to shop around some more, but as long as it's not to heavy an item and I can fit it into a shipping box no problem-o (but no uber ginormous shopping lists please! minimum 5 to 10-15 max items is okay I suppose). ***** As a warning, some items are more than $1.50.. they may be $2, $3, or more. I've seen $9 sometimes ***** I would be willing to do this for a small fee of say $5 US ('cause of the 30 minute bus ride)... and I figured shipping would be whatever can fit in a flat-rate usps box of either small or medium (whatever they fit in), so it may vary depending on how much stuff you can get (but I will try to stuff whatever I can into the boxes with bubble-wrap around each item). Here are rates: International: ** flat rate seems a little pricey for international people, so this is why I say you may want more than just a bento box... more of a bento haul haha I'd be more willing to go to Daiso Japan since It's a small bus ride away.. but if I were to go to San Francisco Japan town, i'd have to post to let you know :) it's a longer distance for me of about 1.5 hour / $16 train ride and then a 2.4mi walk or bus ride, so it's a little less often that I think I will go there. If you check out this website from a fellow bento-er, I suppose you can get a small idea of what bento supplies are sold in san fran stores here: (don't depend on images too much because I don't know when they've been updated last.. until I can go and take pictures myself... this is all that I have to give you) ** if it is from Daiso, you MUST want the stuff. They do not accept returns, and I don't want to end up with a bunch of bento stuff that I don't need, and a racked up credit card bill. ** You must be sure of what you want, and you cannot back down on what you order unless you notify me in a timely manner, as I don't want to end up wasting my time going to and from to find out that you can't afford to pay for it. If you want the stuff, make sure you have the money already. No I-O-U. If you need to cancel, let me know ASAP before I go. I'll probably post when I will be going anywhere, so as long as you inform me at least the day before.. no worries. --- Don't intend to be rude, but I don't want to be snubbed either. I prefer money-orders for us purchases, but will take paypal (damn those stupid paypal fees!). once i were to receive it, i will ship your item. for international, i think paypal will be best. *******In short : I live in SF bay area, and will be willing to go out and buy bento stuff for you for $5 fee , usps flat rate shipping cost, and how ever much your stuff cost (will scan receipt). You won't have to buy very over-priced stuff from the internet if you plan to buy more than just 1 thing.****** *******If you are interested, feel free to shoot me an email since I read it a couple times a day at, or post here :D********