Okuizome outside of Japan - a ceremony to celebrate baby's first (non-milk) meal

Originally I thought this enquiry might be premature, but the more I think about it the more I realise that I'm probably making my initial questions at just the right time. A baptism/Christening is not appropriate for our little one and I've recently learned about okui-zome. What I'd be very grateful for is any advice or suggestions in order to replicate this tradition outside of Japan (it's very likely that our baby's 100th day will coincide with Christmas - which, although harder to organise, would be perfect as I'll be in Spain then and more of my family can take part) Basically, if you were to make an okuizome feast in Europe what would you include? Are there any items you'd ask to be sent to you from Japan? Do you know anything about the pebbles used? Any other hints, tips or observations? As well as viewing this as a tradition where an important event is commemorated (and few things are as momentous as the first steps on a person's lifelong culinary journey!) I see this not only as a way to introduce our child to relatives and friends, but as a way to introduce elements of our child's culture to these relatives - many of whom will play such a vital role in her life. This is why I don't want to muddle along and make up my own imagined version of an okui-zome but aim for as much authenticity as possible. For anyone interested, here's a link showing the Google images that relate to okuizome http://images.google.co.jp/images?hl=ja&q=%E3%81%8A%E9%A3%9F%E3%81%84%E5%88%9D%E3%82%81&btnG=%E7%94%BB%E5%83%8F%E6%A4%9C%E7%B4%A2&gbv=2&aq=f&oq=