Grr. I've just been trying to prune a restaurant recommendation from the "hall of shame" topic to the "hall of fame" topic (although the recommendation did NOT make me want to visit the restaurant in question). I did "prune", then I navigated to "fame", then I hit "graft", then the button for "confirm" appeared right on top of some links to topics and when I clicked it it took me back to the "shame" topic (which was the link it was sitting on top of) and I still have "graft" and not "prune" on everything! Help. I'm going now to try grafting again and using the return key instead of clicking "confirm". If that works, good. If it doesn't you may well need to shift some things around Maki. Edit: It didn't work, and I can't click on "cancel" either, so I'm stuck with "graft" on everything and can't get rid of it.