Rice-free bento

Hi! Last test shown that I'm most probably allergic to rice. As to confirm it I run a no-rice-for-at-least-a-month diet. Gosh! I love rice! Back to the point. While bentos I usually prepare for myself are ~250calories (5 meals a day diet), the lack of rice is not a problem. But the day after tomorrow I'm going on a journey and I'll eat my main meal on a train. I've raided a fridge and pantry and found: -pasta, buckwheat -veggies like tomato (normal and cherry ones), carrot, cucumber, lettuce, red radish -> fresh veggies are still quite expensive in here -eggs, milk, mini mozarella balls -cheese, ham After last JustBento entry I thought about some salad paste but I'm not fond of cold pasta and on train I won't have a chance to warm it up. Could you help me to build about 500-600calories bento with what I have in store? :)