Heeeello everyone!! it seems that everyone is on a diet here and they are asking me (their healthy food reference, lol) for some original salad recipes. I told them some recipes I had but I came out to notice that I do not know that much recipes more than the chickpeas salad, and this one that I think has not been posted yet. If it has, just ignore it, lol (one serving): - 1 tomato for salad - 1 french onion - canned tuna - olive oil - vinegar - a pinch of salt. Just cut the tomato in chuncks, cut the onion thinly and add the tuna without the liquid. Mix everything toguether and add a spoon of olive oil and a little vinegar to taste. And some salt. My mum also prepares another salad (which is a little elaborate to make but it's marvelous). It has no name, it's just "mum's salmon salad" :D - 1 big tomato. - 2 lettuce heart - smoked salmon. - dry fruits: kashews, pistachios, etc. (add the ones you like) For the dressing: - 2 parts of olive oil - 1 part of vinegar - half a teaspoon of dijon mustard - salt (not necesary) Cut the tomatos in thin slices and cut the slices in halves. Wash and cut the lettuce leaves and cut them juliana style or any other style that is ok to you. Add both the tomato and the lettuce to the salad bowl. Mix. Put the salmon stripes ontop of the bowl. Mix the dressing and add it to the salad. Grat the dried fruits in a food processor for 1 or 2 minutes. You should obtain irregular pieces. When about to eat, add this mixture to the salad. Any other ideas? :D I hope all of you are having a great summer time :D
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