Shiso - uses for this herb

We have a generous and ongoing crop of shiso this year. The plants crowded into pots are yielding little leaves, some of our plants have access to more soil and are producing huge hand sized leaves. Maki recently published a guide on how to make shiso 'tea' And I noticed a comment suggesting that they were unsure of what do use shiso for (except as a tasty noodle garnish). My favourite way is as an addition to rice: In Japanese; 10 large shiso leaves, 1/4 teaspoon salt (my husband likes more salt) Slice the leaves, refresh in cold water and drain, sprinkle with salt, leave to allow osmosis, squeeze out excess liquid and stir into rice. I tried shiso pesto yesterday combining a large handful of shiso leaves, some pine nuts, salt, canola oil witha touch of sesame seed oil, a squeeze of lemon juice, a little sugar, a drop of dashi concentrate (for the umami that parmesan would give). This made a very refreshing accompaniment to spaghetti. Another use for the large leaves came yesterday evening when my husband grilled a few vegetables and prawns on the BBQ. We just took a selection of cooked shellfish and vegetables and wrapped them in a plain shiso leaf. Yum! I shared shiso sun tea with my young daughter last night (she got thirsty after brushing her teeth). Turned out she loves it! What do you use shiso for? Any suggestions?