For those in the UK

And probably more so for those in East Anglia actually. Those of you who know the store will just think of cheap random items that have no real use, but you just have to buy. Well think again. That's right I'm talking about QD's! I popped in there the other day and they really do have loads of things that could be used for bento. I got the cutest miniature silicon cup cake cases that fit perfectly in my box. They also have loads of other cute items that could be used along with cheap containers that can be used for boxes and stuff. They also have a store in Wrexham, which is really random as that's the other side of the country... You can shop online but they don't really have many of the kitchen items on there and its just their top selling products. But it maybe worth a look from time to time. But if you can get to a store, I would reccomend having a quick ganders!