Good news, and better news (Just Bento Cookbook update)

Well, hi everyone! I know I made myself absent again, without warning. Last Friday (December 2nd), the homecare nurse who was taking care of my post-surgical wounds told my husband that they weren't looking good at all, and to contact the doctor immediately. Off I went to see him and he promptly put me back in hospital until the infection cleared up. So I've been stuck in a hospital room, yet again, for the past week. But yesterday they sprung me, I mean discharged me, a day earlier than planned and I'm back home again - and feeling a lot better too. (I have to admit they did put me back in hospital with good reasons - I was feeling pretty horrible.) Hopefully I won't be seeing the inside of a hospital room for a good while! Because of my absence, I am really, really behind on email and such. If you have been waiting for a reply from me, please bear with me as I try to catch up. And now for some really good news: The Just Bento Cookbook is finally back in stock on, and should also be making its way to other bookstores too. As I mentioned earlier, the original publisher closed its doors in March, and the rights or whatever you call them were transferred to another publisher (technically still part of the same group, but a different entity). So the book confusingly has two ISBNs and two listings on Amazon - or at least it did as of yesterday. Anyway, this link will take you to the in-stock version of the book, and there is still plenty of time to order it for holiday gift giving and such, should you be so inclined. If I may be so bold, I think the book is a great gift for anyone looking to start eating healthier and/or saving money on lunches in the new year. 58 five-star reviews out of 60 (and unlike some other authors, I didn't solicit a single one of them, I swear) can't all be wrong, right? Seriously though, if you were thinking about getting the book for yourself or someone else...there it is. I really need all the good news I can get these days, and this certainly brightened my day a little bit. ^_^

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