Quick onigiri tip: Show what's inside on the outside


Here's an ultra-quick tip from a Japanese magazine. Sometimes I make a lot of onigiri, for a picnic or a party for example. I usually like to stick to the basics and wrap them in nori seaweed. The problem with that is that they all look the same from the outside, so the only way to identify what a particular onigiri's filling is to crack it open slightly! That can get a bit messy.

The 'why didn't I think of that' simple solution: Just put a tiny amount of the filling on top of the onigiri, as I've done in the photo. Not only does it show what's inside, it makes the first bite into the onigiri that much more tasty. I think it also looks rather cute!

For these onigiri, I used brown rice, and my mother's homemade umeboshi, which she brought along all the way from Japan. Beautiful, aren't they?

Homemade umeboshi

Check out her recipe for making umeboshi over on Just Hungry!

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11 Jun 2019 - 06:20

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