A note about the Salade Niçoise Bento

You would think that I would have spotted this earlier, but no....the book has gone to 4 printings already and I just spotted it last night ><. Fortunately it's not a really critical error, unlike the one in the Muffin recipe (which was corrected in time for the 2nd printing, hooray!) but if you are watching your calories, it is something worth watching out for.

So, here it is. On page 79, the recipe for "Deconstructed Salade Niçoise" has the wrong amount of olive oil. It should be 1 Tbsp (tablespoon) rather than 2. Using 2 will not ruin your dish - it will be a bit more oily, for sure - but calorie wise that's an additional 120 cal or so, that you may not want, even if it's heart-healthy olive oil.

Apologies for the error! It will be corrected in subsequent printings.

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8 Feb 2011 - 18:30

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