Update about the Just Bento Cookbook

A couple of updates about the status of The Just Bento Cookbook. First up, I received word from several readers who had preordered the book, that they had received notification from Amazon.com that their books will be available on November 24th. I just checked the Amazon site, and they have updated their availability date to November 22nd! This is great news, since the original availablity date in the US was January 11th. Which means...you can get one in time for the holidays! (Makes a great present don't you think? hint hint ^___^) The Amazon page also has "Look Inside" so you can check the book out before buying. (The issue with way too much of the book being visible seems to have been fixed now.) Secondly...it seems that the book has been selling so well just in preorder, that the publisher has already ordered a 2nd printing! This is pretty unusual I believe for any cookbook by essentially a first-time author (I'm not a first-time book author but it is my first cookbook) so I'm really happy about that. The book has already been available in Japan and some other countries in Asia since late September, and I've already gotten a lot of great feedback about it. Hopefully that will continue once it's let loose in the US ^_^;.
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11 Jun 2019 - 06:20

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