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If you like the idea of sushi for bentos, don't forget to check out the detailed sushi rice or shari lesson. As long as you stay away from using raw, untreated fish, sushi is great for bentos since the vinegar, sugar and salt in the rice helps to preserve its freshness longer than plain rice.

Here's the bento I made with the salmon chirashizushi as the main part.


The box in the back has some stewed carrot, new potato and onions, blanched spinach with sesame sauce, and boiled romanesco with wasabi sauce. Everything was made in advance, so all that needed to be done was to pack it in the box.

Plain sushi rice can be frozen and defrosted just like plain rice, so you can make it in batches if you love that sour-sweet-salty taste.

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11 Jun 2019 - 06:18

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