Just Bento Cookbook event at Kyoto LOFT, April 22 - May 11 (2014)

loft-kyoto.jpg If you're a bento fan and will be in Kyoto between April 22nd to May 11th, please stop by LOFT's Lunch Market, which is a department dedicated to bentos and lunch boxes. They'll have a big display for the Just Bento Cookbook during that time! The objective is to introduce the wonderful world of bentos to the international visitors that come to Kyoto in the spring. I'm really honored that they are using my book as the centerpiece of that event. I wish I could be there in person...but, I'll be there in spirit! ^_^ Here's the Kyoto LOFT home page (Japanese), and the Google Map (I've put it on my Kyoto map). I consider the LOFT store chain to be a must-visit bento equipment store, and you'll love it if you like Japanese accessories, crafty stuff, cute kitchen tools, stationery, and more too. (Comments are still broken so if you have any questions please stop by my Facebook Page or poke me on Twitter ^_^;)

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