More single item recipes for mix-and-match bento making

I've been doing a lot of background organizing on Just Bento, now that it has a few months under its belt. So far, I've been featuring mainly bento staples or _johbisai_, things that you can make in advance and stock in the freezer, refrigerator or elsewhere. There are lots of things that aren't well suited to cooking in advance (or any earlier than the night before) though. So I'll be writing up more individual item recipes. The complete bento examples can be used as-is, but you can also mix-and-match your own combinations.

I'm dividing the recipes into two sections: Mains and sides and fillers. Most mains are protein based (there will also be some all-in-one carb based mains too), and most sides (though not all) are vegetable based. Be sure to check the staples make-ahead section too, which has both mains and sides.

If you read both Just Bento and Just Hungry, you might wonder how I decide when a recipe goes on Just Bento, and vice versa. Generally speaking, I put recipes that are especially well suited to bentos on Just Bento, and ones that are more generic, or not suited to bento, on Just Hungry. If a Just Hungry recipe goes into a bento though, it will be linked to from here. (If you forget where a particular recipe was, remember that the site search searches both sites at once.)

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