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Adorable bento-themed stationery. And did you know you can advertise your bento-related Etsy (or Zazzle, Artfire, etc.) store for free?

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I've just added a Bento links feature to the site. You can see it in the left sidebar. My thinking is that this is better than a blogroll, which can go stale; instead I'd like to bring you freshly cooked bento related links of interest that I've found around the web. Here's the RSS feed link. I'm using delicious to manage this, so you could just follow my bento tag there if you're a delicious user. (And if you have something you think I should link to, just send it to me there or Twitter me.)

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Bento Challenge Week 5: My Report

Bento Challenge Week 5, Day 1Bento Challenge Week 5, Day 2Bento Challenge Week 5, Day 3Bento Challenge Week 5, Day 4Bento Challenge Week 5, Day 5

My thoughts on the fifth and final week of the Get Started Bento Challenge.

Bento archive list (3)

A list of bentos from no. 61 onwards featured so far on Just Bento.

Get Started Bento Challenge: Week 4


Welcome to Week 4 of the 5 week Getting Started Bento Challenge! This week's focus is: Making bentos for others.

Bento Challenge Week 3: My Report

Bento Challenge Week 3 Day 1Bento Challenge Week 3 Day 2 Bento Challenge Week 3 Day 3Bento challenge Week 3 Day 4Vegetarian Cake Provençal My Challenge Week 3 in a nutshell: Did pretty well, but exercise remains an issue. Spring couldn't come fast enough for me!