Pinning bento ideas on Pinterest, and a social media roundup


As you wait for the penultimate lesson and final assignment for Bento 101 (it'll be up soon ^_^), I'd like to mention that I have recently started a Pinterest board dedicated to bentos, called Bento Bento Obento. As always my focus is on practical bento ideas as well as eye-catching bento and bento-related things from Japan.

I've been putting some more effort into social media things lately, because they tell me that's what the cool kids do. Seriously, I didn't have enough energy to keep up with these things for a long time due to my health issues, but now I'm regaining my superpowers I'm playing catch up. Here's a roundup of where else to find me:

  • The Just Bento and Just Hungry Facebook page. I occasionally post some things there that are too transient or small to post here, so if you're on Facebook I hope you'll give it a Like and join in on the discussions! (Note, I don't use my personal Facebook account much and I don't 'friend' people anymore unless I know them already (yeah, maybe I don't get really 'get' Facebook, who knows) so if you want to connect with me on Facebook the page is the way to go.)
  • I have two Twitter accounts: @justbento is dedicated to site updates and things, and @makiwi is my personal account where I chat about...whatever. Warning: @makiwi is not always safe for work. ^_^;
  • The JustBento Flickr group is always full of interesting and inspiring photos posted by bento fans from around the world. The Bento Gear group is dedicated to pictures of bento boxes and parphernalia. And my personal Flickr account is here.
  • As mentioned, my Pinterest board about bento things is Bento Bento Obento. My other boards are a bit all over the place. ^_^; (There are so many different house related boards because we've been renovating/redo-ing our house forever.)
  • Finally, I do have an Instagram account, although there's not much bento stuff on there lately. I tend to use Instagram mainly for shooting pics when I'm out and about - and I haven't been back in Japan in a while due to the health issues. (But I'll definitely be back later this year!)

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