Thinking aloud about the January bento challenge

UPDATE: Details of the Challenge are now up here! We'll start on January 13th.

I'm quite overwhelmed by the amount of interest in my little idea about some sort of health and weight loss related bento challenge for January! The original post is here if you missed it. Here is my thinking about this at the moment:

  • The focus will be on healthy bentos (as it always with with Just Bento), with an emphasis on using bentos for weight loss. Most if not all of the recipes etc. posts on Just Bento during the challenge will be challenge-related. (In practice that won't really change the nature of the posts much!)
  • The objective is to get into the bento-making habit and to kickstart our healthy lifestyles in 2009!
  • Participants will state a goal or goals they want to achieve at the start of the challenge - can be a specific number of pounds/kilo/stone to lose or anything else (e.g. Get into the bento making habit, learn to eat healthier, learn to tie a cherry stem with your tongue, etc. (ok the last one was an obscure cultural reference joke.))
  • We'll share the contents of our bentos. I think the most straightforward way is by just taking a photo of it! The photo doesn't have to be beautiful or anything (cellphone photos are fine) as long as we can see what's in there. I think this will be instructive for ourselves as well as other people, because you see things much more clearly in a way when you take a photo of it. (For myself, I plan to shoot a pic of every bento I eat, and maybe even share some of my other meals! Yipes!) Of course it won't be mandatory to share every meal, just as much as each person wants to.
  • We'll share bento recipes, tips, etc. along the way too. And of course we should encourage each other.

(Comments have been closed for this post. Go here for the Bento Challenge details!)

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