cooking grains in a rice cooker

I just received my new rice cooker, a 3-cup Zojirushi (the European model: NS-LAQ05) and am extremely happy with it. However, I was wondering whether it would be possible to use it to cook grains as well, such as millet, quinoa, bulgur, barley... But I am not sure about how much water I should use and what programme would be best. This rice cooker has 5 settings: white/mixed rice, sushi, quick, porridge and brown rice. So far I have tried only the white/mixed and brown rice setting.
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It's me again! Anyway I've been eying quinoa as something healthy to add to my diet, but I have really no idea what its benefits are. Is it good for protien replacement? I'm leery about packing meats in my bento since it's Texas, it's getting warm out, and yeah. Quinoa seemed a good deal since it can be cooked in with rice and all. Help? What are some things I can make with it?
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