Can you wash your bento box at work?

I'm having lunch at work now, I had it on my husband's office before, and he was the one in charge to wash the boxes after lunch and bring them back home (i have to carry my laptop to work so it's very uncomfortable for me to carry my purse, my laptop case AND the bag with my bento). Now, I can leave my laptop in my office, so i carry my bag with my bento ^^ In my office lunch-zone, we have a small room with a sink, and some washing gear but it's quite disgusting as everyone uses it. I mean, the same swab!!! Maybe I'm very picky but that is very disgusting to me. And, (which is the most disgusting thing to me), the people that clean the office will probably not have any care on where the swab stays... or even if it falls to the floor... so... yuck. Also we are provided some detergent but it's not a good one and it doesn't wash properly. So i just rinse it with hot water and wash it when I'm back home. This made me cuirous, so I had to ask! What do you people do? :)
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