Are some of these bentos worth the price? Some seem so expensive!

Hello there everyone. As I am kind of shopping around (more like drooling & wanting more bento stuff) before I start college, I've been looking at multiple different sites for mainly bento box sets (primarily Jlist & Ebay, but I personally look more on Ebay).
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Plastic containers heating safety

Good night everyone! **waves** I'm refusing to go to bed and therefore finish my weekend so here i am, lol! I've been thinking of this lately and thought this may be an interesting topic for you all. There are lot of bento boxes tagged as "microwave safe". I always prepare my food to be eaten at room temperature but all my job mates do reheat their food in the microwaves we are provided at work. Some of them carry crystal boxes that have plastic lids so they are completely safe when reheated. But most of them carry plastic boxes and throw them at the microwaves.
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Can you wash your bento box at work?

I'm having lunch at work now, I had it on my husband's office before, and he was the one in charge to wash the boxes after lunch and bring them back home (i have to carry my laptop to work so it's very uncomfortable for me to carry my purse, my laptop case AND the bag with my bento). Now, I can leave my laptop in my office, so i carry my bag with my bento ^^
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Bento Lunch Boxes, Bags and Bands now available!

In time for the back to school! Pack a lunch for your child (or yourself) in a stylish handmade lunch bag! I designed these bags originally to accommodate a Japanese bento style lunch box and a bottle of water or juice for my son. The bag folds up small enough to be tucked in a purse or pocket for storage. Also great for : • for American style lunches • as a small project bag • a small tote • a gift bag • a small shopping bag • a purse • Trick or Treat bag for Halloween • and oodles of other uses!
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Bento Boxes in Sioux Falls, SD (USA)

Hubby and I found bento boxes here in Sioux Falls, SD. I was absolutely floored! We found a few very cute kids ones at Kidtopia. Needless to say I bought a couple! Pictures here and here. Their website isn't working yet. But the store was fun and had delightful unique toys and darling Hello Kitty things too. Anyway - thought I'd share!
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What's the right box?

This may sound very stupid but I find that 600ml boxes can hold more food than I can actually eat! My mum has always cooked in "diet" way as my dad and my grandmother can't eat salt, and she is particularly picky about me getting fat (I am not at all, though) so due to that I'm used to eat very small portions. I've been searching for bento boxes that are around a 500 ml capacity but I don't find them... And I'm afraid that little "side dish" boxes (those around 250-300 ml) may be too small.
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